Sunday, December 13, 2015

northbound: backtrack (14.08.04)

Before the emergence of mermaid jade- protection for journeys in sea, on land- a man creeps up, two wheelin.
A familiar script.
“What script is that on your neck?”

Tracing right lateral lines, “Laotian. It says ‘Born,’” a slow rotation of neck, a glimpse of left-eyed teardrop ink, lateral left, “and here, ‘Death.’”

And begins transmission of: confirmation and affirmations. Familiarity of all, each new meeting a reunion. Why do we wear reminders of pain which the world is already so full of. The navel, seat of life’s energy, music transformed. Travelling north apex- through chakras, through throat, inhale and exhale, life and death, ‘Ha.’

Fingers release tight sinew, exhalation. Skull etched on dentine impressions. An offering of gratitude with the rising sun.

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