Sunday, December 13, 2015

petals (14.12.03)

each breath. gently cradled. by swaying currents. as waters soothe. muffled song: a choir of raindrops.

murky waters match night sky, faint glimmer. respite from ancestral scorch.

i drift, content.

sudden fork, sudden bend, rapids. undertow wrenches, submerge. jarring. whirlpool spinning. speed. dizzying. unsettling. inching closer to memories. inching closer. to nightmare. Flatline.

a sudden release and i reach barren ground. unsettling silence. where eyes reach, landscape parched.

the darkness advances and cold take hold as king’s eye give way to queen. last light reaches and invites, my eyes follow.

dry creek bed in a valley long abandoned by rain, sight squeezes through boulders left by yester-ice, towards horizon mountain base, slowly following natures switchbacks as sight gains elevation. From a crest, i leap.

Cloud stands suspended, filtering sunset and sunrise skies’ tinges of orange and pink. shapeshifting playfully by day- once as fallen tree, once as lumiere tower- luna cushion by night.

Cloud sheds petal and my eyes veer left and right, following its hypnotic descent. with each atlas dip on axis base, smile grows to grin, grin gives way to beam. i, unconscious, then exposed; cloud shoots soft thunder, her eyes, static shock. in response i retreat, close my eyes: a shower of petals.

petals narrating each battle won and lost. petals bearing watermarks of joy and loss. petals marking desires and dreams. of ones admired, of ones loved, of ones to which Cloud brings warmth. A blanket of petals too abundant to tally, too intricate to define, now filling with fragrance and color what without Cloud would be bare.    

unnoticed, i look up and stare. until once again discovered, then: a shower of petals.

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